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Search for substances, companies, and documents. The data is gathered from the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances in China (IECSC) and officially published notifications. Obtain compliant advice, use compliance tool, and download relevant documents. The data is updated timely.

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Search data from Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances in China (IECSC), list of substances of Regular Notification for Approval, Approved Regular Notification and Approved Simplified Notification.

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Search data from list of substances of Regular Notification for Approval, Approved Regular Notification, Approved Simplified Notification and Scientific Research Record Notification.

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Search data from the regulation, guidance, and the original notification of “Measures for Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances”, available for download.

About us

The China REACH Database website is managed by XiXisys Co., Ltd. The website is dedicated to providing accurate, applicable and up-to-date information and database on China REACH compliance as well as providing convenience for interested companies and organizations.

XiXisys is an innovation oriented chemical regulatory compliance organization and has served nearly 1000 companies over a decade with areas including EU REACH, China REACH, and Korea REACH, etc. XiXisys is specialized and dedicated to excellence in the integration of informatization and internet technology with the compliance service and the development of software and database.

Thousands of companies have consistently been using our SDS software and REACH database since the launch in the mid of 2017.

XiXisys is the strategic partner of major global chemical trading platform including Alibaba 1688, MOLBASE, ECHEMI, GuideChem, LookChem, ChemicalBook, etc, and millions of companies have benefited from the compliant tools and expertise provided by XiXisys.

XiXisys is also in good cooperation with national and international organizations such as China Writing Instrument Association, and China Cleaning Industry Association, etc to provide their members with personalized regulatory compliance service.

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